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  • posted Biweekly Mortgage Payment Calculator: The online biweekly mortgage payment calculator will show you how much you will save if you make half of your mortgage payment every two weeks instead of making a full mortgage payment once a month.
  • posted Black Fridays
    A plugin for all for e - commerce websites. When its enabled the products go on sale for 24 hours (like 75% off, 50% off) and then keep on changing pricing for A/B testing automatically. This is kind of like black Friday everyday :)
  • posted GrowthHacking NOW
    A simple site for actionable micro growth hacks for startups. All of these can be started in less than 5min. It can be something similar to >
  • posted Happy Customer Service
    Companies pays customers who are waiting on HOLD. Customers will be happy to wait a little longer and companies will be forced to improve the wait times.
  • posted SnapChat for Text:
    You send text messages to each other and they are not saved anywhere. I think Mark Cuban backed "cyber dust" is very similar to this.
  • posted Global knowledge depositories that are constantly with knowledge in the public domain like the Swalgard global seed depository. To protect knowledge in case of a global catastrophy. I propose huge titanium spheres that would float on water or land and would only be damaged by atomic warfare or an asteroid strike.