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  • posted Anonymous job seekers site
    LinkedIn won't allow me (or anyone) to discreetly share that they're looking for a new position without your current employer also seeing that information. I was once on the receiving end of an email that listed dozens of anonymous developers that were currently seeking jobs, with the salary they wanted. It was genius! Why isn't there a site out there that facilitates this?
  • posted Better airplane flight recorders

    I was listening to the radio this morning about all the lengths they went to to recover the flight recorders for the EgyptAir flight that went down. Why is it that that plane was full of people that can watch streaming video on their phones, yet we still rely on ancient flight recorder technology that has to be recovered along with the plane? It would be relatively easy to build a better flight recorder, a simple streaming video service from onboard the plane that streams via satellite to a permanent record, so you can easily see what happened on a plane, along with critical diagnostic and GPS information. Existing flight recorders are based on old technology and this seems like an easy 10x improvement.
  • posted Hi,

    When I was a child, I used to go to a beautiful forest nearby to play with friends. I used to jog along a river, which was surrounded by giant trees. Right now, I have to jog along a river surrounded by half chopped trees and there is pollution all over the place. And the forest? It’s replaced for industry… As I’ve witnessed the change, it makes me feel bad since I couldn’t do much about it.
    Some people say that the government should solve these problems, but I think that we would live in a whole other world if the average person would do their very best to keep planet Earth green.
    So I thought, why not create an app that stimulates the ecological action/mindset? Here’s the concept: it’s a social network/game, where people have to do ecological actions (for example: plant a tree, transportation with a bicycle, ...) in order to get experience (and to eventually level up). They have the choice to share some pictures or videos of their actions to their followers who are also on the social network. It would appear on their “newsfeed”. The higher level you are, the more respect you’ll get from others because of your actions.
    To add more content: guidelines (for example: how to plant a tree), articles about ecology, eco life hacks, forums, …

    Would love to hear your opinion about it!
  • posted Smart bottle
    Sometimes I forget how old my water is & drink it anyways (probably not a good idea hehe)
    So how about a smart bottle that changes color after water has been old for more than 5 days (or 7 or even more)
  • posted Kid-usable Milk + Breakfast Cereal
    I have 3 kids under the age of 8. All of them struggle with opening cereal boxes and pouring their cereal/milk in the morning without making a mess. I started thinking about this and wondered why cereal and milk is designed so badly for kids, since they're the #1 users of them? Seems like a good opportunity for improvement in these designs.
  • posted Lawn Mower for Kids
    It would be great if someone invented a safe kind of lawn mower that kids could use (that actually mowed). My son has been begging me to mow the lawn for money and he's only 6 years old. Our self-propelled mower is too big and dangerous for him and I just hate mowing and would love to let him help!
  • posted Swagger API JSON to GraphQL schema Convertor

    This is an advanced technical idea: GraphQL is a fledgling new up-and-coming technology (as of April 2016) that allows software to have universal querying access to APIs. The problem is, most existing APIs use traditional REST endpoints. The most popular REST API documentation tool is swagger. It could prove incredibly useful to certain companies (saving them thousands of dollars in developer hours) if someone built a tool that automatically builds the GraphQL schema for a given Swagger API JSON file.
  • posted Hamster ball for fish

    Simple idea really. It's a transparent water-tight ball that seals water inside with your fish, and allows your fish to roll around as it swims. EPIC!

    Side-benefit: As the balls rolls, if there is a small air cavity inside, it would auto-oxygenate the water, as the water tumbles thru the air pocket.
  • posted His & Hers Dual Razor
    One of my pet peeves is when my wife uses my razor in the shower to shave her legs. She usually has her own razor, but when she can't find it, she uses mine. What about a dual razor that has a His & Hers side to it. One side is a manly design, flip it over for the feminine design. The manly side could have blades engineered for the face, the feminine side catered for the legs. You only need to keep track of one razor and she never needs to steal yours again!
  • posted SaaS for Junk Yards
    There are few industries left that have not yet been improved & disrupted by software. Junk yards might be one of these few remaining industries. What about a fully integrated SaaS solution for junk yards that helped them photograph & track inventory, then automatically publish and market that inventory online? I imagine junk yards have a huge inventory problem and nobody knows what hidden treasures are there. If they can connect the consumer with their inventory more easily, it could be worth a lot of money. Once financially proven, they might even pay a 4 or 5 figure annual subscription for something like this.
  • posted LinkedIn Candidate Anticipator
    What about a desktop software tool specifically for recruiters, that scanned all of their LinkedIn contacts overnight and gave them a report in the morning of anyone that had updated anything on their profile, regardless of if the person that the LinkedIn button switched off that broadcasts your profile update activity.

    This idea is based on the premise that people that are updating their resume/LI profile are frequently about to engage in a job search. If you were a recruiter and had this knowledge in advance, you could reach out to them before anyone else. Maybe a $20 monthly fee for the scraping service?