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It's the execution
that matters.

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  • posted remembr - a tool that will remember and save different work flows on the web.

    Example: I forward my godaddy email to gmail but after 2mo I did not remember how I did that. This tool will save the work flow for later. :)
  • posted A smart motorcycle helmet. Connected to the bike with Bluetooth, has turn signal/brake lights on the back, a secondary headlight on the front, a gps turn by turn projected on to the visor, and headphones of course. Promoting a new breed of safety minded, helmet wearing, tech savvy bikers.
  • posted A useful website idea: I want to be able to fill out a short survey about what I want in a cell phone and have all carriers and plans in a comparison chart. It would show all online and in store deals along with which stores had their own deals. It might look like searching a flight on Bing. You would also put in your zip code to find user submitted service reliability. #freeideas @freeideasco
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      Ali Mirza oh man love this.. also it will be nice if I can see the comparison of price plans.
  • posted LiveGram - A way to show LIVE streaming video on instagram (yes just like Meerkat for Twitter)
  • posted I want to be able to lasso around open tabs and chuck them in a folder together
  • posted Rocket House :
    So my nephew (5 years old) wants to build a Rocket House and Fly it around. I guess i should ask him for ideas more often.
  • posted Side effects site where consumers add their own side effects for medications, then a machine learning AI algorithm scans all the various drug variations to figure out previously unknown deadly combinations of drug cocktails.
  • posted Smarty Whiteboard > You write on this board and then press a button to share content on social media (Twitter, FB & Instagram)..
    I have a feeling that this exists already somewhere :)
  • posted What is the good idea of guest blogging?
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      Ali Mirza Find a list of 10 top bloggers in your industry and write a blog post "Why people should follow these top 10 bloggers" ... put this on your blog and then share with them.
  • posted What about a smart stick for blind people that will have following features:
    1) Guide them routes(stick is connected to ear phone)
    2) If anything obstacles comes in front of them the stick will vibrate
    3) Get synced with their mobile
  • posted PayAtShelf - An app that allows your to scan items and and pay while they are at the shelf. No need to put these in a cart and wait in the line.. How cool would that be ?
  • posted Paintball to the crotch. Just like ice bucket challenge videos but instead a paintball to the crotch or 250$ to wounded veterans. Imagine the youtube hits and money raised for those who deserve it.
  • posted Tour Guide or Your Guide. A traveler's audio guide app linked to google maps location services. Users could fill out a survey of their preferences: categories of history, recent events, nightlife, high society, etc. and choose which to listen to while traveling through an area. Much like audio tours at a museum, but instead everywhere on Earth.

    Take it please, remember Hans.
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      Ali Mirza Love it.. also it can show best restaurants and bars in the area :)
  • posted (Laugh Chat)
    A free subscription to jokes texted to your phone daily with small ads attached at the bottom. Share the jokes with your friends to brighten everyone's day. Selling ads would keep it free and make someone a lot of money. Very very low startup cost and high profitability potential. A programmer to make the sight appealing and functional, a marketer to spread the word on social websites, and a salesman to sell ad space on the daily jokes.
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      Jason Omar the adult jokes category will be most popular for sure
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      Ali Mirza awesome.. some of the jokes I get from friends make me laugh all day long :)