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  • posted "Follow this tweet" chrome extension - Puts a button on tweets and emails a digest of responses to your email
  • posted A 100% publicly editable version of a Google Docs (Maps/Spreadsheets/Docs, etc)

    I've come across this scenario several times that I want an informal doc to be editable by anyone I send the link to, whether it's a Google Map, word doc, spreadsheet, whatever. The problem is that I have to manually share the doc with people that I know the email addresses of.

    So for example, there's no way I can send an email to an email group of 50 people at work, with that email containing a link to the doc. Instead I have to share it with each person in the list of 50 people, one at a time.
  • posted I would really appreciate an app that would allow me to create a temporary black box of any size needed
    that I could drag over a pesky ad that is blinking at the side of my computer screen.
  • posted Oculus Rift + Microsoft Kinect = Floor Leveling Tool for Construction

    I'm in the middle of a flooring project. There needs to be a better way to find out if your floor is level. I would love to put on a pair of Oculus Rift goggles wired up to a Microsoft Kinect and be able to visually see the topology & indentations in my floor (preferably color-coded). This would be a huge benefit for anyone in construction that needs to check these kinds of things.
  • posted Dust-Repelling Baseboards

    I'm in the middle of a flooring project. My wife HATES to dust, especially baseboards. Why don't baseboards come with an anti-static film along the top ridge that repels & prevents dust from collecting on them? Seems like a marketing no-brainer to me...
  • posted When viewing video's in a widow on your desktop, it is nice to be ale to re-size the window and to move it around. But if you do that the site layout usually makes it that your movie is now partially obscured. Try it with youtube When you make it smaller than the movie it stops fitting the window. If its to big it will show the movie and half a of a row of thumbnail. It always displays a search bar in the top making the content you are watching something you have to scroll down for and this particular video has black regions that make it even more annoying.

    I thought it would be nice to fix this by relating the zoom of a region to the size of your browser window. Every-time you re-size your window automatically adjust the zoom.
    To do this fast you could activate a rectangle tool to select a region. That region would be displayed in your browser window so that it always fills up the whole window. Allowing you to move it around and re-size it like a VLC player movie and like in VLC and all other video players the excess regions of the window are filled with black. For your viewing pleasure.
  • posted During meetings, have the same microphones used at awards shows. If the person talking goes on too long, music starts to play and the microphone starts to sink into the ground. Goodbye meetings, hello productivity!
  • posted Four words: Onesies for business people.
  • posted Typing for Kids

    My 4 and 5 year old kids already know how to use the mouse and keyboard of our laptop to play games like Minecraft and Fez. But sometimes they struggle with spelling.

    I have a hunch that if there was a kids-oriented fun game out there that came with a mini-keyboard, designed just for kids, then my kids would LOVE it, plus they would learn how to type, plus their spelling would improve. There's no research that I know of that says typing improves spelling at a young age, but I don't see how it could possibly hurt. After typing in hundreds of words, some of the spelling of those words would have to sink in. I imagine my 5 year old would be typing and recognizing words in no time at all.
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      J. Allen Soberano Would be nice if the keyboard only lit up the letters needed at the beginning so they gradually get acclamated to where the letters are.
  • posted Use a three tier product line of wearable devices.
    The cheapest makes it possible to watch movies everywhere, and it slows the movies down to a pause if the eye-tracker registers that you're not looking at it. Like an MP3 player for movies.
    The better model allows you to connect with your virtual desktop, with gaze selection and voice control, this can allow you to control any computer on the go.
    The most advanced model has the same software as the previous model but it covers everything and uses a camera to show the real world on your wearable gear. Allowing you to walk around without slamming into objects. It can also use the camera-feed as input for augmented reality games.
  • posted By 2024 self drive automobiles will be commonplace. Coincidentally about 25% (about 19 million) of the Baby Boomer generation will be at a point in their lives that they will need transportation. So how long does it take to recruit and take deposits for perhaps 10% of that buying audience (about 2 million) so they can be first in line. How about 8 years - 250,000/year. I am a boomer who has launched 2 successful companies. Email me.
  • posted During this awful winter many cities were moaning about the cost of salt and of running out . If sand was used on the streets to the exclusion of salt money could be saved. The sand could be spread and when the winter was over street cleaning trucks could suck up the sand. It could then be screened and saved for use the next year. It also wouldn't eat up cars like salt or drain salted ice melt into the rivers. Some sewer catch basins may have to be cleaned a little more frequently though. Unlike salt, sand works at all temperatures.
  • posted 3D Printed Animation Cel Art

    Imagine if you could pause any movie, then send that exact snapshot of the scene to a 3D printer. A fully printed version of the scene would be mailed to you within a couple weeks. Killer desk art!

    Just like this except fully customizable based on exactly where in the movie you clicked pause:
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      Rick Grossberg Need to create an STL file from the print which requires special CAD training and many hours to fill in the missing data.....very expensive at todays rates. But an interesting idea.