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  • posted (BirthdayNow)
    A deliver service you can use to order cake + candles + few others things to surprise co workers on their birthday. Men hate planning birthdays so will be super easy for them:)
  • posted ( Bring Me All )
    A delivery service for basic essentials e.g. Milk , tooth paste, salt etc.. within 30min.
    Sometimes I need these quick but do not want to make a trip to Walmart :)
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      Umer Ali I have always imagined having cart routes set up like railway routes... There should be a cart stop somewhere near you that you use to send/recieve stuff from grocery store. Carts could be smart enough to recieve a grocery order via email/internet. So you send an email to cart with time, date and obviously grocery list and the smart cart goes and gets the stuff on provided date and time. You get notfied when cart is back.
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      Ali Mirza ummmm interesting I think some people are trying to do this in cali but scaling might be a big challenge...
  • posted All of this talk about wind turbines and solar panels, but sometime the air is still or it is dark out.
    Hydro electricity is far more consistent.

    The pitch: a submersible water turbine electric generator for people with river front property. Preferably one that is affordable and could be anchored off the end of a dock.
    I am not an electrical engineer and I do not know how safe this would be for the average household, but I think it could be done at least on a smaller scale safely.

    A service that has you fill out a survey online of your beer tasting preferences. You then design artwork on the site or upload artwork into a template. They then "brew you a beer" and put it in a bottle with your custom label on it. It ships to your door in 6-12 weeks depending on the dry hop time.
  • posted You know those self shading glasses? What if you had glasses that sensed darkness and faded up lights so that it would shine when it was darker? They could be as rechargeable and light as a bluetooth earpiece.
  • posted LinkedIn OrgCharter
    The premise of this idea is a script that scans all the employees of a company on LinkedIn and automatically attempts to build out an org chart of the company, including employee headshots and contact information. Then the user is able to correct any information that is slightly out of date, but ultimately as long as employees keep their LinkedIn profile updated, the org chart is also self-updating.
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      Jason Omar This would be awesome especially if I am going for an interview.
  • posted Cold brew french press cup.
    I like to make cold brew coffee in my fridge with my french press. In the morning I press it down and pour it in a travel mug in the morning. I then have two dishes to wash. I would like to be able to combine the two. Just press the coffee and lock the press pin into the lid, and have it in a to go mug.
  • posted Fit Play
    What- A work out center/arcade.
    How- By combining elliptical and exercise bikes with controllers in the handlebars, big screen tv's, and community compete games.
    Needed- some one to design an eliptical or bike with integrated controls.

    Leaderboards would drive competition as people pay by the hour or for memberships.
  • posted EasyTweet - Its so hard to find people's twitter handle at an event (fat finger problem). What if this can app automatically find / fill someone's twitter handle when you point your phone towards them. Kind of like bump but not really. Tweeting at events will become super easy.
  • posted Custom orthotics while you wait
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      Hans There is this 3D scanner:
      And this 3D router or one like it:
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      Jason Omar interesting, what kind of tech already exists for this ? any links ?
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      Ali Mirza wow this will be awesome
  • posted EatORNot - What if you could take a photo of your meal and this app will tell you how many calories you are about to eat.
  • posted Chrome extension that points out fake reviews - if the author of the review has no other reviews, or gives a large number of 5 star reviews, then it's likely fake, and we highlight it in red. Otherwise, if the author has other reviews, and they're not all 5-star, then it's legit, and we highlight it in green. This way I don't have to click on each reviewer's profile to check this manually.
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      Jason Omar This should also be for iOS apps (or android apps)... I feel there are lots of fake reviews there :)
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      Ali Mirza This would be awesome. BTW how would it detect ? may be with IP ?
  • posted A small robot that helps home owners clean snow (DIY)
  • posted (Shop 4 Me )
    A mobile app that will show me who (From my friends list) is out shopping and I can ask them to buy something for me.
  • posted EntrepreneurMAG - A fashion website just for Entrepreneurs. Its not that we don't like fashion, we just don't have time for it :)
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      Jason Omar hahah thats a nice name
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      Michael Simmons It would probably be a bunch of hoodies and free t-shirts collected from incubators and failed startups. You should pounce this idea past our panel over on Right, Ali?