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  • posted (Shop 4 Me )
    A mobile app that will show me who (From my friends list) is out shopping and I can ask them to buy something for me.
  • posted EntrepreneurMAG - A fashion website just for Entrepreneurs. Its not that we don't like fashion, we just don't have time for it :)
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      Michael Simmons It would probably be a bunch of hoodies and free t-shirts collected from incubators and failed startups. You should pounce this idea past our panel over on Right, Ali?
  • posted A book rental business/device/tool (like netflix) (e.g. pay 5/mo and rent 2 books - can not save or copy or print)
  • posted (Me Busy App)
    A mobile app that will fake different type of noise during a phone call. Imagine you could fake
    - Traffic
    - Meeting
    - Party noise
    - School / Lecture
  • posted An alarm clock that spreads coffee like smell when the alarm goes off.
  • posted GetAround, but for renting pickup trucks.

    Sometimes I need to rent a pickup truck, but the place I need to go is a long way away from the nearest Home Depot with truck rental service. It would be nice if there was a service available where anyone could rent out their pickup from wherever it's currently located.
  • posted Intelligent Social Media scanning service (driven by machine learning AI?) that if you give it a small amount of information (like an email address) it then attempts to discover, connect and map out all of that persons social media accounts and content online.

    There might be major privacy issues with this, but I could see companies paying big bucks to discover all the relevant content of a single individual given just an email address. I'm thinking background checks, pre-employment checks, probability of gun violence.

    Actually, I'm starting to think this is a really bad idea. Oh well, posting it anyway!
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      Ali Mirza ummm I don't think its a bad idea. Anything we post on social media is already in a public domain.
  • posted Working on AnonyQ at Startup Weekend EDU!! ask questions anonymously to professors!
  • posted SPAM detector for
  • posted HackDFW
  • posted phone case with a solar panel on the back that will charge the phone
  • posted Try Gradual Engagement instead of a hasty sign up.
    Instead of asking visitors to sign up immediately, why not ask them to first perform a task through
    which something of value is demonstrated. During such initial interactions the product can both
    show off its benefits, as well as can lend itself to personalization. Once users begin to see your
    product’s value and see how they can make it their own, they will then be more open to sharing
    with you additional information. Gradual engagement is really a way to postpone the sign up
    process as much as possible and still allow users to use and customize your application or product.
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      Ali Mirza I love this idea. I think startups can use it to do customer validation (& to monitor their behavior)
  • posted (I Don't Swear)
    What - A mobile app that displays top 100 "bad words" in every language.
    Why - Imagine you are traveling to France (or Germany or india) and you already know the top "fun words" .. lol
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      Shahzad Noorani hahaa...thats the first thing people tend learn when they learn a new language
  • posted I feel like there is a need to start a start-up 101 bootcamp -This includes creating a landing page, buying a domain, setting up hosting etc... a very simple step by step process helping people setting up the ground work for their potential billion dollar idea.
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      Ali Mirza yeah totally.. some people are doing it (e.g. quickMVP guys) but i think there is still room.
  • posted (resumehelp)
    WHAT - people upload resume + 1 job they want to apply - The community will help them "tailor" resume according to the job description.
    WHY - so many people suck at making good resume. Lets help each other.