Ideas are cheap.
It's the execution
that matters.

So here's some ideas for free!
Take them. Build them.
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  • posted Here's our start up idea and which involves an electronic., I thought maybe we could share it here for support. And we are currently on you can find us by searching Video Cup.
  • posted We want to make life easier for our customers by helping them get the most out of their mobile devices, offering real value from the services we provide and by removing the barriers that frustrate them. Since our launch in 2003, we have done things differently to other mobile operators.

    Here are a few of the things we’ve done:
  • posted Life Clock

    The idea here is the opposite of You enter the same information, but instead of having a negative connotation, the feeling is positive. So you start off with the site assuming you're only going to live until age 50. Then you enter that you exercise twice a week and don't smoke and it ADDS on years of your life (instead of taking off years, like on the death clock).
  • posted Minecraft plugin that allows you to show webcam data on the the face of a avatar allowing more human like interactions during multiplayer gaming.
  • posted Using 3D printed organs for teaching medicine students or explaining the neccessary of an operation.
  • posted An app that detects the music in the nearby area
  • posted A fusion of WhatsApp and IRC