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  • posted Have a tiny self guided drone that flies around inside of your house taking pictures of everything. Then have software that compares the pictures with the pictures from the day before and determine what's different. The list of differences then gets sent to an app on the mom's phone where she can approve each change or assign the difference to someone else to correct. Deadlines could be set for when the anomaly needs to be resolved and what should happen if it's not completed on time.
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      Ali Mirza wow this amazing John.. btw i think celebrities will be all over it.. a personal PR drone assistant .. hahah
  • posted CRaaS: Code Review as a Service.

    As a developer, there are times when I need "another pair of eyes" to check my code for any stupid mistakes, but nobody else is available. I wonder if there's a market for Code Reviews As A Service, where you pay a fee to have a senior dev look over your code and point out any obvious flaws, optimizations and improvements.
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      Ali Mirza oh man this is awesome.. BTW you just gave me another idea "Growth Hacking" as a service.
  • posted ShareYourPrime: This probably goes against Amazon terms of service, but the basic thought is: What if even though I don't have Amazon Prime, my neighbor does. Every once in a while I give him money and he orders stuff on Prime for me, so it arrives faster. I get my stuff faster, Amazon gets more business. What if there was a app/website that facilitated this sharing? For my neighbor with Prime, he could get a couple bucks from every neighbor wanting to use it, plus the service would get a small cut. My neighbor gets more cash, Amazon gets more customers plus the service gets a cut. Win-win-win, with the new sharing economy!
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      Umer Ali Could you not pay bit more to get your stuff deliver faster ? I have not used amazon prime so am not sure about the price difference and if there are any monthly fee to keep the account. My concern would be about exchange of your information( what you are buying and etc). This app would also be able to build up a database for what stuff is being bought more often and compare it with the age/sex group. That information can be sold to Ebay/amazon etc.
  • posted Borrowly - A place where you can post & find items you want to borrow from your neighbors.
  • posted ComfortOut
    Get out of comfort zone application - daily or weekly tasks (4hour work week type of tasks) that help you go beyond your comfort zone.
  • posted Idea : A Map Route Alert Mobile App

    What : A smart phone that will alert me whenever a friend/family member of mine deviates from a pre-determined map route. Both parties will need to agree on this alert pair.

    Summary : Lets say a friend of yours is going to New Orleans from Dallas for the first time. You help me pick a most efficient route. Once the route has been decided the app will let him use the route to get to the destination but will generate a backup route for you just to keep track of your friend. Now if your friend takes some exit 22c instead of 32c, the app can alert your that hey your friend has deviated from his route. Now obviously the friend himself will know this too but if for some reason he/she ignores taking a wrong exit, you could call him/her and let him/her know.

    Fun Part : You may also get an alert if a certain person has entered within certain mile radius of your current location. Then you have a head start if you want to avoid meeting them.
  • posted A smart phone app that keeps track of when your refrigerator door was open throughout the day/night.
    How : Perhaps a sensor needs to be installed inside the refrigerator which send out time stamp to the phone every time the refrigerator light gets turned on ( which should be whenever the door is open),
    Why : Just want to catch those who eat my food.
  • posted Imagine a first personnal shooter game in wich your assemble your weapons from the items and things you find in the map. That ones are generating randomly. You can upgrade your weapons too and in normal mode you keep them after your death and respawn, in hardcore mode your lose them where you died. You can create kits and when you select one, it show what it's missing for creating all your stuff. You can also create armor, explosives, drones, bonus...
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      Ali Mirza omg love this .. and games are the biggest money makers
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      MayAwbin There's normal weampons like guns and sniper, but also incredibles weapons like blackholes launcher, mini atomic bomb, eggs of bionic spiders, ...
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      MayAwbin sory for my english: i'm french ;)
  • posted remembr - a tool that will remember and save different work flows on the web.

    Example: I forward my godaddy email to gmail but after 2mo I did not remember how I did that. This tool will save the work flow for later. :)
  • posted LiveGram - A way to show LIVE streaming video on instagram (yes just like Meerkat for Twitter)
  • posted I want to be able to lasso around open tabs and chuck them in a folder together
  • posted Rocket House :
    So my nephew (5 years old) wants to build a Rocket House and Fly it around. I guess i should ask him for ideas more often.