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  • posted Contractor-specific jobs site (contractor-specific version of LinkedIn)
    With the workforce turning to contracting more and more over the next few years, I wonder if there's a case for a contractor-focused site (NOT a jobs website) where contractors from all kinds of industries can post themselves as "guns for hire". The site could be a platform to market each contractors individual brand, plus give contractors tips/tools for taxes, legal services and other helpful business tips with running a company of one.
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      Zach Weisman I won a best MBA business plan competition at USC in 2011 for this idea. I think that there are now a handful of sites that have attempted to do this. Workpop, Shiftgig, and perhaps others. Essentially its taking a section of Craigslist and making it a beautiful app, much like how AirBnB did this with short term housing rentals.
  • posted InstaResearch
    A mobile app, add your industry # and it will show you the popular relevant # and also some competitors who are using that #. It will show you what # you should be using in your niche and also learn from what others are doing.
  • posted CrowdShare..
    A website where you create a message (lets say a Tweet) and then invite your friends / supporters to share that for you by just adding their Twitter handles. It will help people with $0 budget to reach more with their tweets/messages.
  • posted Inflatable Light Sabers
    The other day, a friend of mine gave me some "thunder stix": 2 cylindrical balloons that you bang together at a sports game to make noise. They were awesome and it got me thinking, why couldn't you build a light-saber this way, that inflated, lit up and made cool noise when you bopped people with it? It would be totally safe and a blast!
  • posted Auto Blogger using Machine Learning
    Many people find it hard to write a blog regularly. What if it was possible to use machine learning artificial intelligence to auto-write a blog for you, based on what locations your phone was in today + pictures taken today + some quickly selected keywords? It would make it dramatically easier to write a quick blog post, but the trick would be making it so compelling that others would want to read it and not sound like a total cookie-cutter template.
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      Ali Mirza This would be so cool for all content marketers and SMB owners in general. Content marketing is the only marketing left.
  • posted Brownie Point Tracker & Redeemer
    In my house, I'm always accruing this mysterious currency called "brownie points". Yet it seems like I rarely have the opportunity to cash in this currency. How much do I currently have? What are they truly worth? If I clean all the bathrooms, what is that really worth to my spouse? Or would I accrue more points by taking her on a date night or a simple heart-to-heart conversation? What would my spouse be prepared to give me, to redeem some of these points?

    Could be a fun and interactive way to improve people's relationships!
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      Ali Mirza Rewards could be like a date night or football game for
  • posted Gamified Power Point Presentations
    Power point presentations are typically boring and un-engaging. Who knows how much money has been lost due to ineffectual sales presentations using powerpoint?

    This idea is to gamify the powerpoint presentation somehow to increase engagement, relevance and impact of the presentation. This would be an invaluable tool for sales professionals, training managers, anyone who uses powerpoint!

    I'm still not entirely sure how you would gamify the presentation, but it would encourage audience interaction, Live, within the slide deck, using their phones or laptops directly during the meeting.
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      Ali Mirza omg I had the same idea a while ago. People are playing on phones and tablets anyways during a presentation so I was thinking of making it interactive somehow.
  • posted STOPReading
    A browser extension (like chrome) that analyzes an article and tell what % of that article is something new that I have never read before.
  • posted HireHire
    A mobile app that shows me all the freelancers nearby. Kinda like Yik Yak for freelancers.
  • posted Men's chapstick in the shape of a credit card that I can fit in my wallet
    I'm always losing chapstick. Winter in the Midwest gives me fiercely cracked lips but for some crazy reason I simply cannot keep track of chapstick. I would love a masculine-version of chapstick, as slim as a credit card, that you can put in a wallet.

    Problem solved!
  • posted Peer-Endorsed Performance Reviews
    We're in the middle of doing performance reviews at my company. This has always been drudgery for me (and practically everyone else). You can't remember everything you've done and even if you do, you struggle to put it into words that are compelling.

    Why can't we have a feature like LinkedIn Endorsements or Recommendations, except for company performance reviews?

    If I see a peer doing a great job, I browse to their internal company performance review (even though it may not be due for months), I find the right category, and give them a recommendation or endorsement right there for their outstanding service. At that moment, I can give a highly specific example of a recent action the employee took that was effective.

    At the end of a review cycle, top performers will have garnered several peer reviews to remind them and reinforce their contribution to the company. This would also encourage a culture of recognition, reward and reinforcement throughout the company.
  • posted I love to save money by shopping in bulk at Costco, but as a single person, sometimes I can't get through the fresh veggies before they go bad and have a hard time finding space to store the many rolls of toilet paper. I would love an app to help single people find others who need the same items and would be willing to share the cost and consumption of bulk purchases.
  • posted Hard Server Reboot Device
    There have been numerous times when I've needed to do a hard-reboot of a server, remotely. I typically have to drive across town to where the server is physically located, only to hold my finger down on the server button to do a hard reboot.

    This idea is a small device that attaches on top of the physical power button of your server and simply pushes the button for you, remotely. It would have an ethernet or wireless connection with a web-based dashboard where you could login, see a list of all the reboot devices you have and you can easily activate one. Upon activation, the device would simply stick out a small protrusion that pushes the power button and holds it down for 5 seconds. After releasing, you would have the option to push the power button again to turn the server back on.
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      Abe Nice idea. What if button is self programmed to press and release reset button, IF server is no longer responding? E.g. Polling server with sufficient time intervals. At least this way button behind Wi-Fi can crash on it's own server :P