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  • posted Peer-Endorsed Performance Reviews
    We're in the middle of doing performance reviews at my company. This has always been drudgery for me (and practically everyone else). You can't remember everything you've done and even if you do, you struggle to put it into words that are compelling.

    Why can't we have a feature like LinkedIn Endorsements or Recommendations, except for company performance reviews?

    If I see a peer doing a great job, I browse to their internal company performance review (even though it may not be due for months), I find the right category, and give them a recommendation or endorsement right there for their outstanding service. At that moment, I can give a highly specific example of a recent action the employee took that was effective.

    At the end of a review cycle, top performers will have garnered several peer reviews to remind them and reinforce their contribution to the company. This would also encourage a culture of recognition, reward and reinforcement throughout the company.
  • posted I love to save money by shopping in bulk at Costco, but as a single person, sometimes I can't get through the fresh veggies before they go bad and have a hard time finding space to store the many rolls of toilet paper. I would love an app to help single people find others who need the same items and would be willing to share the cost and consumption of bulk purchases.
  • posted Hard Server Reboot Device
    There have been numerous times when I've needed to do a hard-reboot of a server, remotely. I typically have to drive across town to where the server is physically located, only to hold my finger down on the server button to do a hard reboot.

    This idea is a small device that attaches on top of the physical power button of your server and simply pushes the button for you, remotely. It would have an ethernet or wireless connection with a web-based dashboard where you could login, see a list of all the reboot devices you have and you can easily activate one. Upon activation, the device would simply stick out a small protrusion that pushes the power button and holds it down for 5 seconds. After releasing, you would have the option to push the power button again to turn the server back on.
  • posted Car Battery Alarm
    Yesterday one of our kids left one of the lights on, inside our car. By the next morning, the battery was dead. Then the same thing happened to my neighbor today. It's amazing nobody has solved this simple problem.

    The idea to to fix this problem would be a small alarm that would go off when a car's battery is dangerously low. The device would have it's own onboard battery so as not to drown the car's battery. Never have a dead-battery again - Problem solved!
  • posted Water Bottle Ownership
    The other day my wife was at a party with lots of bottled water. Someone complained "I wish someone had invented a way to keep track of my water bottle. I can't remember which one is mine!".

    What about one of the following ideas to solve this problem:
    * A list of raised plastic nodules in the actual water bottle, one for each letter of the alphabet. You could have 2 rows of these and people could use their finger to punch in the nodules for their initials. This solution could be achieved with minimal change to the water bottle plastic molding and almost zero additional cost. Similar idea to the demarcation of soda-types on fast food cup lids.
    * A small area on the bottled water label where you can use your thumbnail to mark your initial. The label in this area would be pressure sensitive and change from white to dark under the pressure of your nail.
    * A small area on the bottled water label where a list of initials is displayed, which a dotted perforation around each letter. People can then rip off tiny squares of the label to demark their initials.
    * A unique picture or phrase on each water bottle's label that is easy to remember, such as: "Pink Platypus", "Orange Orangutan", "Silly Sailor" etc.
  • posted Google Fiber Hosting Matchmaker Service
    With the explosion of Google Fiber's Business Service in Kansas City, businesses can now legitimately host servers with a dedicated IP address. There may be an un-served market here - where a business in a physical location with poor internet and no datacenters needs to be able to host a physical machine on Google Fiber in a nearby city. This matchmaking service would essentially be a hosting market, where you could select various physical locations where hosting is available, what kinds of speeds (e.g. Google Fiber) with what kinds of prices.
  • posted Startup Mutual Funds
    The SEC just approved Title III of the JOBS act on October 30th. When these regulations go into effect, it will mean "regular people" (read non-millionaires) can now invest in startups, even if they are not accredited investors.

    A handful of crowdsourcing Angel sites already exist (like where qualified investors can invest in particular startups. But startups are still an extremely risky investment. Why not aggregate large pools of startups into mutual funds, which can then be acquired by the public (not just angels)? This would diversify risk but still provide some of the huge upside of investing in startups, plus provide a valuable investment source for startups.
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      Ali Mirza oh nice so now I don't have to invest in stocks anymore :)
  • posted Captcha for Email - Spam Killer

    This is an extreme solution to combat spam. What if you created an email provider where users could turn on captcha verification for every email they receive? Anyone emailing that person would receive an automatic reply with a captcha image that they would have to then send an additional email reply to (containing the correct captcha characters).

    Probably too much of a pain in the butt for most people, but if you're someone that gets a ton of spam, this might be worth turning on for a while. Spammers could always manually reply to every email, but it would be prohibitively expensive for them to do so when spamming thousands of people...
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      Ali Mirza oh yes.. will be painful but will def. kill the spam :)
  • posted 250 Cal. mobile App
    A mobile app that displays food items under 250calories nearby
  • posted Online Form Builder with Dynamic Flow
    This idea is basically SurveyMonkey on steroids. There are several form builders available online, but I have never seen one that allows you to build a dynamic flow into the form questions & answers. In other words, questions that only appear on the form based on previous answers you've provided, creating a dynamic logic tree within the form of several available ways the form could go. I think there's a real business case for building a SurveyMonkey clone that has this specific functionality nailed.

    For example, not simply displaying a hidden section of a form when a radio button is clicked, but changing the 2nd page of a form entirely (and the 3rd, and 4th) based on the answers provided. I've worked on custom form solutions several times where we've needed a dynamic flow like this and almost every time it ends up being a big complicated development project.
  • posted Dynamic Workflows API
    It seems like I'm always bumping into problems at work where we need to map out a really complicated workflow for some kind of system. Every single time I see this, we end up with a huge custom programming project to build out a custom workflow that does various things at various points in the flow. I think there's a huge opportunity for some kind of highly-generic, easy-to-edit & understand workflow API with a friendly GUI controls to manipulate it. As a business user of the product, I would create my custom workflow, connect my code to the first step and any additional steps I desire using the API, but the workflow tool itself handles all the complicated business logic of how the workflow actually progresses and the actions taken at each step.
  • posted Easy Online Org Chart Builder
    I've had a need for this about 3 times over the last couple years. It would be nice to have an easy way of uploading an employee list file and receiving a private URL you could share that displayed a beautiful Org chart of the data. The file would simply need a userId column and a bossId (or parentId) column to map it out. It would work for all kinds of hierarchical data, not just org charts. Would be even better if you could connect your LinkedIn account to it and it would scan all of your connections in your company and somehow map out a hierarchy tree on it's own, but I'm not sure how it could do that since LinkedIn doesn't know who your immediate boss is...
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      Ali Mirza Oh this would be awesome.. Perfect buy opportunity for linkedIn also :)
  • posted Crowd-sourced Mystery Science Theater 3000
    This idea is basically crowd-sourcing a Mystery Science Theater 3000 clip. You post a clip of some obscure, weird scene. Other people post audio. The funniest audio/video combo gets voted to the top.
  • posted Browse the entire internet
    We never browse the internet any more. We start with the same search engine, with a keyword already in mind and blindly accept what it feeds us. We need an easier, more exploratory way of browsing the deep web, even if you don't have a specific search key phrase in mind.
  • posted A barbecue charcoal "chimney" made from combustible cardboard, containing the exact amount of measured charcoal to grill 10 burgers and 12 hot dogs. When the chimney reaches it's optimal temperature and the coals are perfectly ready for grilling, the chimney would be designed to disintegrate, automatically spreading the coals over the grill at the perfect moment. If you need to grill more burgers, you buy more chimneys.